New Orleans Plantation Tour: Oak Alley Plantation

Take an Oak Alley Plantation tour and experience history with a visit to an authentic New Orleans Plantation.

Adult $62 – Children $40



Duration :

5.5 Hours


Transportation :



Oak Alley Plantation – named for its majestic tunnel of live Oak trees – lies on the Mississippi River in Vacherie, LA, one hour outside of New Orleans.

We pick you up and drop you off at your specified location.  The total time for the Oak Alley Plantation Tour is approximately 5.5 hours.


Visit Oak Alley Plantation


When you visit Oak Alley Plantation, our tour guides will explain its centuries of history, ranging from Pre Columbian times to housing the Roman family.

You will also learn about the many roles Oak Alley Plantation has transitioned through.

Some of the historical uses for Oak Alley Plantation:

  • A Sugar Plantation
  • A center of enslavement
  • A failed investment property, later abandoned
  • A Cattle Ranch
  • A nuisance for the Army Corps of Engineers over its controversial landscape
  • A point of reconstruction into the 20th century through modern industrialization


Now, Oak Alley Plantation is considered to be historic grounds that are protected and preserved as a registered National Historic site. This allows guests on an Oak Alley Plantation Tour a chance to see the landscape and experience the cultural evolution in person.

Oak Alley Plantation ghost
Oak Alley Plantation oak tree tunnel

Oak Alley Plantation Tour: Unexplained Phenomena


As a Louisiana location with such a rich history, many believe the spiritual world reigns supreme throughout the grounds of Oak Alley Plantation.

Here are a few documented instances of unexplainable phenomena:

  • An employee of the plantation was giving a tour (similar to this New Orleans Plantation Tour) of the grounds when all of a sudden a candlestick inexplicably few from one end of the quarters to the other.
  • An employee of New Orleans Oak Alley Plantation once experienced a definite presence and a hair-raising touch to his arm while working years ago.
  • The Oak Alley Plantation Ghosts are not fond of remodeling! Once, carpenters were climbing through the attic in order to repair the Widow’s Walk.  As a safety precaution, the carpenters would use harnesses for protection in case of a slip. When the day was complete, their harnesses and ropes were placed neatly in piles in the attic. When they returned for work the next day, their harnesses and ropes were scattered around the attic, and fasteners and buckles were adjusted or tampered with. After the findings, security cameras showing the entrance to the attics showed no evidence of anyone entering or exiting the attic.
  • Many have claimed to have seen empty chairs rocking.
  • Items being unexplainably moved around.
  • Visitors have heard the sounds of babies crying. & sounds of horses.
  • Oak Alley Plantation is so intriguing the “Ghost Hunters” TV Show visited in 2008.