New Orleans SWAMP TOUR

Tour a New Orleans Swamp on an Airboat!

Take a New Orleans swamp tour of the expansive Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve.  Come face to face with nature in the comfort and safety of one of our swamp tour airboats, and experience the Louisiana bayou up close!

Our expert swamp tour guides will get you alongside alligators and other wildlife in one of the world’s most unique ecosystems.

Large Airboat $59
Small Airboat $89
+$20 Transportation



Duration :

2 Hours


Transportation :



Sit back and enjoy an authentic Louisiana swamp tour as you ride through the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park & Reserve in one of our comfortable airboats. 

We offer airboat swamp tours in a large airboat (up to 18 people) and a smaller, faster airboat (up to 6 people).

All of our swamp tour airboats are captained by professionals who will ensure your safety and enjoyment are the utmost priority.  Our guides know the swamps, and will put you in the best situation to experience an authentic visit to the bayou.

As you make your way through the swamp, our guides will periodically stop the engines to point out wildlife and vegetation, adding their knowledge and experiences to enhance your encounters. We allow and encourage all questions.

Let’s face it, everyone wants to see the Alligators! The best part of our swamp tour is that our guides will take you right next to alligators, where you can see them face to face! Some of our local ‘gators even have battle wounds that you may notice, and your guide will talk about this and other unique features of our local wildlife.

We always try to allow for empty seats in our airboats in order to give our passengers maximum comfort. Ear protection is provided in order to muffle out the sound of our engines.

New Orleans Swamp Tour: Alligator
New Orleans Swamp Tour: Snake
New Orleans Swamp Tour Airboat
Picture of a flat bottomed airboat

Large Swamp Tour Airboats

  • Prices start at $59 per person.
  • These airboats seat up to 18 people.
  • $30 Deposit per person to reserve your seats for your desired day.

Smaller Swamp Tour Airboats

  • Provide a more personable experience while riding in a quicker, shiftier airboat.
  • Prices start at $89 per person.
  • A max of 6 people per airboat.
  • $30 Deposit per person to reserve your seats for your desired day.


    • You can estimate with fair accuracy any given alligator’s age by the distance from snout to eyes.
    • You also need to factor in the length of the alligator to determine his/hers age.
    • Alligators can live to be over 150 years old!